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Last Hazard

Last Hazard is an accessible extraction shooter, offering short, intense play sessions in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Dive into tactical battles, resource management, and base building as a bounty hunter trying to save humanity.

With streamlined design and a visually appealing low-poly style, the game is perfect for solo or co-op play, catering to both new and veteran gamers for a thrilling experience.

Underknight: One Thumb Warrior

UnderKnight is an action 'roguelite' adventure. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world, brave a multitude of unique arenas and battle hordes of fearsome enemies.

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Escape from Darkerlands

Enter the magical world of Escape from Darkerlands, where you'll embark on an epic extraction RPG adventure like no other.

Using only one thumb control, you must scavenge through a vast procedurally generated world filled with danger and excitement.

Collect resources to rebuild your village, and craft powerful weapons and gear to defeat even the toughest monsters.

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